About my work

I’m a visual artist using embroidery as a pictorial medium to explore the representation of events that exist as intangible for humans; Light, in luminescence, speed, macro, and micro. Ultimately the depictions of these concepts we know has been possible only by technological achievement, or the record done by our own memories. These events can be the Northern lights, the division of a cell, the birth of a star or the frozen flight of a bird. My work dwells between high and low, sublime and mundane, science and craft; creating a dialogue of poles, as we are surrounded by dualities constantly. 

My previous formation was in art practice, but took me several years to take it back to my daily life, and to complement my reality. My day work was working on jails at my home country, where the overcrowded space, endless noise and stench was something too close to, what I imagine, is hell like. It was asphyxiating, and I felt helpless to find other humans beings fighting every day for survival, where there was no space to find and satisfy the necessity of beauty and freedom.

These are the reasons why I went back to my art practice, these events made a mark on me and lead what I want to achieve: The majestic sky. That same sky that people inside cells could see by fragments and only between bars. All these dimensions and notions for vastness that are beyond what we can measure and reminds us of freedom, but also about the immensity of the universe and how small we are. 

My purpose is to generate the sensation of wonderment as if you were facing the real event. These phenomena are events that we mostly see through photographs or media, but rarely face to face, and still-image reproductions can still take our breath away. My practice is a way of learning and appropriating the event. I encounter first the notion of the event and by this moment of awe, I create; creating comes more from the sublime experience delivered from the images than the literal image by itself. 

Embroidery is an accumulation of little moments, stitch by stitch a thread of color stands on the background after another. I learned embroidery at school when I was young, and with time I realized I could skip the strict rules it has to paint with thread as materialized color, to create images of the enormity of outer world. 



Group Exhibition, FRESH 2019, SoLA Gallery, LA, CA, USA.