About my work

Before I even menstruated for the first time, I had already been taught in my school how to cook, sew, knit, and embroider. Regardless of what I wanted to be as a grown-up, I had to have the necessary skills to become a good wife and mother. I was told to learn how to embroider canonically to craft beautiful dresses for my future daughters (!!).

When I became a mother, all my rebellion, hidden in the depths of myself, irremediably exploded. I refused to be what I had been trained for. My artistic work then became another way of expressing my resistance. The stitches lost the tidiness of the selfless mother and became wild and unpredictable, privileging the exploration of color and movement over a finished technique and detail.

Paradoxically, instead of being housework, my practice as an embroidery artist makes me a bad wife and mother, because it does not meet the practical needs and takes away hours of housekeeping, diverting me from the absolute dedication to the upbringing of my son.

Embroidering skies is not just about light and intangibility. It is also, in some sense, trying to seize the passage of time. In the calm of a nap, of an early bedtime, or making the most of a solitary game, my work becomes a moment of contemplation. Is to grant myself the right to leisure and calm. To enjoy the passage of time and, beyond pediatric controls, getting a feel for the seasons of the year, between sunrises and sunsets. It is the joy of every day, of the magnificent pace of life captured by celestial landscapes.


Upcoming 2020

The art of Cosmos, Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA


If life gives you lemons, Solo Exhibition, LA County Store, Los Angeles, CA

Light vs Dark, Group Exhibition, Gallery 263, Cambridge, Ma

FRESH 2019, Group Exhibition, SoLA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA